Lindow Manchester

Alan Partridge and Bog Axe
December 8, 2010, 9:07
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Stephen Welsh kindly sent me a link to Mid Morning Matters, on U-Tube , by Steve Coogan’s comic persona, Alan Partridge,  based around the idea of the 100 most famous Norfolk people. Horatio Nelson, Delia Smith and Egyptologist Howard Carter are in the list. Alan Partridge says Carter was responsible for Time Team (!) and a describes a conversation with Tony Robinson about re-animating a dead Saxon and finding out about what he had for his pudding before he was murdered with a blunt instrument in the year 5. It was only when Partridge mentioned a bog axe that I realised he must have been referring, in his characteristically muddled way, to Lindow Man!  The whole thing is cringe inducing but hilarious. This is the link if anyone wants to check it out: . The bog axe piece is about 6 mins 30 secs in.


Libra Man?

Yesterday’s Strategic Team Awayday turned up an unexpected link with Lindow Man. We had all filled in a Myers Briggs questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences. We speculated on whether everyone in the world really did fit into one of the 16 categories. Wasn’t it like horoscopes, someone asked. Wasn’t it all a simplification, a lumping people together in boxes? Can the horoscope prediction of the day really apply to one twelfth of the population? One of the team replied quoting a line from the Frank Zappa song dancin fool “Love your nails… you must be a Libran…” It made me think of Lindow Man with his well-manicured fingernails. Does that mean Lindow Man was a Libran?

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