Lindow Manchester

Lindow Man Exhibition and Public Consultation
July 22, 2010, 9:07
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I bumped into Sam Alberti on the stairs yesterday who pointed out that ‘we’ (him and me that is) were ‘all over the latest issue of Museum Practice like a rash’. It deals with consultation, co-authorship and dealing with criticism.  There’s quite a lot of discussion about the Manchester Museum’s consultation with the public over the Lindow Man display in Rebecca Atkinson’s articles (July issue). Look at Creating Engaging Displays. Then the Case Study on Dealing with Criticism. Or Challenging Preconceived Ideas.


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In addition I would also like to mention a paper I wrote about the public consultation in advance of the Lindow Man exhibition which has just appeared in a collection of essays entitled The New Museum Community Audiences, Challenges, Benefits published by MuseumsEtc (July 2010). My offering called ‘Consultation or Confrontation: Lindow Man a Bog Body Mystery’ is on pages 392-419.

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