Lindow Manchester

Lindow Moss Photography Comments
Lindow Moss. Photo by Stephen Vaughan.

Lindow Moss. Photo by Stephen Vaughan.

The following comment was written in the comments book in the photographic exhibition about Lindow Moss:-

“dear curator-type guy, although myself and my amazing girlfriend are aware that there is little chance of you actually reading this we feel the need to congratulate you on the wonderful experience we have had of your museum… as avid historians we feel a little more depths to the descriptions would be useful as many questions were left unanswered. However this is only a mild complaint lost in a sea of awe concerning the educational environment which you have constructed. Much love Sammy and Naomi xx (heart) xx’

I can’t claim any credit for the temporary exhibition about Lindow Moss but I love the salutation  “curator-type guy” and Sammy & Naomi criticize us so nicely it would be churlish not to share this with others.

Or what about:-

“I was born and brought up at Lindow and played on the moss as a kid. “The Bog” we called it. Back then in the 60s a lot of the cutting was still by hand with neat stacks of cut peat next to each trench. Everything was taken away on the narrow guage railway. We used to paly on the trucks. When I’ve been there recently I hardly recognize it. The industrial scale of the detruction is very upsetting. I wish more would be preserved. Sue S.”

I’ll bet Bruce Mould, who contributed to the Lindow Man exhibition, which closes on 19th April, cut the peat that Sue saw. The recent TV programme about peat also explored the subject of the conservation of bogs ‘v’ use of peat in gardens.

This is great stuff and thanks to all, too numerous to include every one, who have left comments.


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