Lindow Manchester

Graphic Killing of Lindow Man
The death of Lindow Man by Aoife Patterson

The death of Lindow Man by Aoife Patterson

A couple of months ago student Aoife Patterson visited the Manchester Museum to find out more about the circumstances of Lindow Man’s death. She kindly let me post some of her early “work in progress” on the Blog and has just sent me image above in the  graphic novel style. Aoife says she thinks the image is getting there but that it may need to have a more traditional illustrative influence. By this she means that it will be more pen and ink style and less computer orientated, because she feels at the moment it looks too mechanical and life less. But she is working on that. She says she understands that the garrotting may not have occurred but she is experimenting to see how the story works.

For me there’s a kind of Ralph Bakshi “Lord of the Rings” quality about the image: the bits where they were running out of time and decided to do overlays of real live actors (not cartoon characters) acting out the scenes. I’m looking forward to seeing the next version and thanks to Aoife for sharing this with the Blog. Comments, as ever, are very welcome.


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