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In the last months of the Lindow Man exhibition there has been a revival of interest from people looking at the Blog. As you might expect, back in April/May 2008 there was a peak in the number of hits because of the blaze of publicity surrounding the opening of the exhibition.  On the Lindow Man Stats graph there is a peak of around 2700 last April but this rapidly fell to  build gradually to about 740 hits in the autumn before falling away again, reaching a  ‘low’ last December. Since then, however, the number of hits has increased to around 800 and there have been two consecutive months of growth. This probably reflects renewed interest in the North now that people know Lindow Man is going again – to Newcastle direct or via the British Museum I don’t know at the present time. The winning of the best temporary exhibition award during Design Week must also have helped raise the profile.


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Just as I was writing this I received the following email from Stephen Devine, the New Media Officer at the Manchester Museum, who deals particularly with web-related matters:-

“I’m delighted to announce that the museum website has been included in the Webs Best
Sites awards and has been selected by the editors at Encyclopaedia Britannica as a
Britannica iGuide site.

“The Britannica iGuide is basically our directory of The Web’S Best Sites as determined by our editors. Each year, our editors review and then handpick websites that relate to one or more of our topics and are found to be of top quality. We then present links to these iGuide sites alongside our own content for that topic.”

This is excellent news, a big thank you to everyone involved!” Two awards in one week, that’s brilliant, as someone once said on the Fast Show.

Comment by bryansitch

Re. the Lindow Man stats, there have been 13,107 hits since it began at the end of 2007. April 2008 was the busiest with 2543 hits. A peak was reached on Monday 28th April (about a week or so after opening) with 239 views and the average for April was 85 views per day. Since then the average has dropped but never below the 20s and has recovered since the New Year (2009).

Comment by bryansitch

It’s now (April 3rd) at about 1400 hits per month and has had three consecutive months of growth (January to March 2009). This is the highest it’s been seen last April/May. There have been almost 14000 views since the site launched.

Comment by bryansitch

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