Lindow Manchester

More Visitor Survey re Lindow Man

Attended yesterday’s data group meeting at which the results of lasts summer’s visitor survey by Morris Hargreaves McIntyre was presented. It showed that total visits to the Manchester Museum had increased by 23% compared to the same period (July to September) last year and that half of the 55,909 visitors came to see a specific exhibition, namely Lindow Man. However, a new system of counting visitors has been introduced so that might explain some of the increase.

Three quarters of visitors saw the Lindow Man exhibition. There has been an increase in the numbers of older visitors and there was a significantly higher proportion of visitors coming from outside Manchester. Younger people and Manchester residents were proportionally less well-represented. This could indicate that older, more affluent people are taking the opportunity to come and see Lindow Man whilst he’s here but that local and younger people have perhaps already heard about him and seen him.

Some of the increase in older visitors could be people who were themselves young in the 1980s bringing their grandchildren to see Lindow Man. The priority target groups (socio-economic groups C2s, Ds and Es, BME communities and disabled people) have increased by 2000 compared to 2007-8. Some of this increase could be explained by the fact that larger numbers of older people are coming to see Lindow Man and older people tend to have proportionally higher rates of disability and illness than younger people.

Medwen at MHM is going to check this detail for us using a “cross-tabulation” so hopefully there’ll be some clarification. Whatever the case, Lindow Man’s continuing ability to attract visitors is confirmed. Many more of our visitors are also aware that Lindow Man is on loan to us from the British Museum (until 19th April 2009).


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