Lindow Manchester

Critical Comment

This comment was placed on our comments board by a visitor:-

“This whole exhibition makes a mockery of itself. All emphasis has been put on the ethics of seeing a dead body despite the mummys upstairs. Why not allow patrons to choose for themselves whether to see it and produce a historical exhibition?”


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I feel I must disagree with this visitor. I think it would be doing Lindow man an injustice to try and place interpretation upon him when it is clear we would be speculating wildly in the dark. Why should we not use the display to demonsrate key issues in archaeology such the ethics of human remains? It would be an insult to Lindow Man to attempt to understand things we simply have no evidence of. Not to mention that it has been done before. I appreciate the Egyptian gallery shows ancient human remains also, however I do not believe the Lindow Man exhibition is designed to change all methods of display regarding human remains. Rather I feel it is there to demonstrate a new way of doing things, and create debate – which it certainly has done.

Comment by Lauren R-S

As someone who was associated with the first exhibition back in the 1980s, I am delighted to see how the subject is being addressed anew and with sympathy and dignity to the Bog Man – whom we personified last time as Pete Marsh! The opportunity to introduce this icon to my children – albeit via the internet as we now live down under – has been wonderful. I feel the fine line between ethics and expositional science is being trodden well. Impressive

Comment by Tania M C Lewis

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