Lindow Manchester

Student Drawings of Lindow Man’s Death
Student's drawing of Lindow Man's death (courtesy of Aoife)

Student’s drawing of Lindow Man’s death (courtesy of Aoife)

Aoife kindly sent me some copies of some more reconstruction drawings of Lindow Man’s death from the work done by the students she consulted. She talked to the students about her project to create a sequential illustration visualising the death of Lindow Man in order to establish the level of graphic violence sutiable for a the proposed target audience of teenagers.

Aoife was inspired by the graphic novel by Frank Millar ‘300’ which has recently been made into a feature film. Some of the students felt that Lindow Man’s death could be explained with the minimum of violence but it would tend to stick longer in the minds of students if the deaths of ritual sacrifices was shown to be extremely vivid and graphic.

She also asked them whether sequential illustration was less likely to be taken seriously because of the medium. One student felt that was possible because people could argue that the violence was being blown out of proportion in order to shock but most teenagers would probably take it seriously.

Thanks again to Aoife and the students for sharing their work on the Lindow Man Blog.


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