Lindow Manchester

Lindow Pete 1983 Poem

Anna Bunney, Curator of Public Programmes, has passed on a letter from a member of the public, Paul Broadbent, who apologizes for not being able to attend the Lindow Man poetry night that Anna organized earlier in the year and includes the following poem:-

I were lay there warm and ‘appy, no one gave a toss
Till some peat cutta, wi’ welly’s on, dug me up on Lindow Moss
Glacial sand and gravel, me spring part of me bed
A nice layer o’peat, surrounds me body, and round me ‘ed
Not far, from the Black Lake, sometimes blue algae grow
Wild life In’t much bothered, dun’t stop them come and go
I were just enjoying the peace and quiet 2000 years you know
Then bundled off to London, no choice, I had to go
The’ were Doctors an’ folk all running tests, to see how I were dead
A knotted rope, a cut throat, and three bumps to me head
Me belly were full of ceral, wheat, barley, and some bran
The mistletoe gave Druids away, I were a sacrifical lamb
Now I’m back in Manchester, museum have a space
A part of hist’ry from Lindow Moss, your interest in’t human race.

Thanks to Mr Broadhurst for allowing us to reproduce this. This is one of a number of poems produced in response to seeing or hearing about Lindow Man.


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