Lindow Manchester

New Year 2009
January 5, 2009, 9:07
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First day back at work since Xmas Eve and some of the first things to deal with are an enquiry from a lady on the Isle of Man who wants to bring her son to see Lindow Man in February and an enquiry from a student at Bristol University doing a final year dissertation on how opinions of the Lindow Man have progressed since the discovery. In the case of the student there must be a huge amount of material, much of it discussed on the Lindow Man Blog, or in the Collective Conversation that compared and contrasted the 1980s and 1990s exhibitions with the current exhibition. To help the lady and her son plan their visit I rang Anna Bunney, Curator of Public Programmes, to find out whether any public events or activities are taking place during that half term week. In the What’s On guide there’s a quote from a Museum visitor saying “The unfinished look and empty shelves suggest that our knowledge of Lindow Man is incomplete and that anyone can add their interpretation, if only symbolically, into them.” This reminds me that visitors interpret museum exhibitions in their own way and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. I seem to remember reading something about an author’s intentions not being authoritative in creating a work of fiction or drama. New meanings, new readings of the text are always possible and certainly not wrong. Underlying all of this is the realisation that Lindow Man only has less than four months to go before the British Museum loan expires. A sobering thought for anyone who wants to come and see him in Manchester.


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Sadly the lady and little boy from the Isle of Man were unable to visit the Lindow Man exhibition because of illness.

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