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Young Archaeologists Xmas Party
December 22, 2008, 9:07
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Carolanne telling a story at the Manyacs Xmas party

The Manchester Museum Young Archaeologists Club (the Manyacs for short) had their Xmas party on Saturday. Clare, Carolanne, Andy and the other helpers put on a feast of the kind Lindow Man might have enjoyed. I brought some home made spelt bread cakes along. Clare made various kinds of pancake and bread using oats, barley and wheat. Although we couldn’t serve meat for health and safety reasons. we put out cheese, onions, apples, honey and nuts too.

Clare heated up some stones to show how people in prehistory cooked stew in a cauldron without having to set it above a fire. Although it wasn’t as successful as we’d hoped, the children were surprised by how much the larger stones kept their heat. The water did get water but not warm enough to boil the eggs Clare brought along.

Carolanne told stories about the great deeds of the legendary Irish hero, Cu Culain, and how he got his name. Inspired by tales of the hero’s facial distortions in the grip of his battle rage, the kids made some truly terrifing masks. Lest anyone’s seasonal appetite be left unsatisfied we also offered chocolates and crisps at the end of the session.

Some replica stone heads originally made for the 1987 or 1991 Lindow  Man exhibition came in handy as table dressings and they helped illustrate the story about Cu Culain that Carolanne told the children.

Andy with replica Iron Age stone head at the Manyacs Xmas party

Andy with replica Iron Age stone head at the Manyacs Xmas party


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