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A comment about Lindow Man Exhibition

John Bradshaw visited the Lindow Man exhibition at the Manchester museum back in October and recently his comment card found its way over to me via Cat Lumb (Lead Educator Secondary Humanities). John compliments the Museum on its work: “I wish to acknowledge the Museum for being proactive in networking with a diversity of organisations, beliefs and backgrounds to give input to this exhibit, but particularly looking at the element of respect that “bodies”are due. I do hope that London Museum [the British Museum] might reconsider its decision about caring for the Lindow Man. It is very clear to me that this museum [the Manchester Museum] is just as capable as London Museum to care for people’s remains, and perhaps there is a case for returning Lindow Man, closer to where he was found?” John asked for some feedback, which I sent, and I have now received a card from John giving his permission to use his comments on the Blog. He also mentions that he and his daughter attended one of the half term science days on Lindow Man, which they thought was very enjoyable (I guess that’s one for Lauren Furness, our Widening Participation Co-ordinator) . He ends by saying he hopes the [interests? – powers that be perhaps?] consider a request for Lindow Man to return northwards.  With four months left to go of the exhibition it’s great still to be getting positive comments like this.


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I feel northerners would like to have a ‘stake’ in the future of caring for Lindow Man, and ‘ownership’ is the best way to generate interest into this remarkable archeological find.

Comment by Hulmey

Is it northerners or people in the North West particularly? Could Lindow Man be owned by say the community at Lindow but cared for – with their consent – by another group or an organization such as a museum? That way people would have a stake in the remains and the carers would be accountable in a way that helps to strengthen inclusion and collaboration. B.

Comment by bryansitch

I also think it is a shame that Lindow Man must soon return to London. I just hope that his regular ‘pilgrimages’ to the North are frequent so different generations can continue to make their own connections to him. I myself will be visitng the museum soon just to say good bye to him.

Comment by Lauren R-S

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