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Lindow Man More Requests for the Find Out More Files
October 7, 2008, 9:07
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One of our visitors, Mr Mark Hall, has emailed the Manchester Museum to say how much he enjoyed  visiting  the Lindow Man exhibition at the weekend. He had brought his daughter from home in Hampshire to last weekend’s Open Day at the University of Manchester and they came to see Lindow Man.

Mr Hall writes: I found the exhibition extremely interesting, especially seeing the body itself at long last, having followed the story since it was discovered in the eighties. Unfortunately, I did not have long enough at the exhibition to do more than skim through the material on display and I wondered if it would be possible for you to send me copies of the ‘further reading’ documents of which there were so many on display, please? I managed to read some of Don Brothwell’s comments but didn’t get any further and I would appreciate the opportunity to read more.

We have received a few requests to have copies of the information in the “Find out More” files but there is so much of it that copying everything unfortunately isn’t really practical. We put  the files in the exhibition because we knew that some visitors would want a lot of detailed information but we didn’t want to impose that on everyone. We deliberately kept the amount of text on panels and in labels short, although visitors can listen to excerpts from the recordings of the interviews in the sound booths and there are books in the library section attached to each section too. In fact I picked up a couple more cheap volumes at the recent Leeds Book Fair in Pudsey. I picked up Francoise Audouze and Olivier Buchsenschutz Towns, Villages and Countryside of Celtic Europe (1991) and Kevin Eyres Celtic Myth (2007) for a very reasonable sum. Now anyone can browse them in the Lindow Man exhibition.

I’ve sent Mr Hall copies of the transcripts of the interviews with the various people who kindly supported the exhibition by talking about what Lindow Man meant to them. It took a considerable amount of time last summer (’07) to go and interview everyone and then to write up the transcripts but it really drove the exhibition forward. Working with the interviewees’ suggestions we could then “map” the exhibition content and decide what objects should go in each section. Mr Hall has promised to send me some comments once he’s read through all the transcripts (quite a feat in itself!).



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