Lindow Manchester

Record Comments at the Lindow Man Exhibition
August 5, 2008, 9:07
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The Lindow Man exhibition continues to draw comments in large numbers. Cat Lumb, Lead Educator (Secondary Humanities),  at the Manchester Musuem told me that for this quarter comment cards in LM were approximate to the number of cards collected from the rest of the museum! To put this in perspective, the total number of cards collected from the museum (Egypt, Archaeology and Myths about Race) from Apr-Jun was 1959, and the total from Lindow Man for the same period (bearing in mind LM didn’t open until mid-April) was 1886. In April there were a total of 653 cards collected, in May (so far, although not all have been in-putted yet) 377, and in June the figure rose to 856. So, it’s safe to say that visitors are commenting a lot on the exhibition – more so than in any other part of the museum.  This represents a large body of data which Cat and colleagues will be going through to tease out visitors’ responses to the Lindow Man exhibition. Post graduate students have also requested access to the information and are supplementing it with their own visitor survey .


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