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Lindow Man Education Success


Cat (Lead Educator, Secondary Humanities) came to see me with some of the responses to the Lindow Man teaching session that I mentioned in a recent blog. Abraham Moss High School came to the Museum last week and their students really enjoyed “the Verdict”, the courtroom scenario in which groups of  kids had to argue a particular interpretation of what happened to Lindow Man. These are some of their responses: –

“It was gripping and exciting”

“I didn’t realise it would be this challenging”

“I didn’t realise all of the facts and opinions”

“I didn’t realise I was gonna become a lawyer”

“I hope that we get to do something like this again”

“By the end I was feeling very proud and felt I had accomplished something”

“At the beginning I didn’t know a thing about Lindow Man and didn’t expect this to be so interesting. By the end I didn’t know that time went so fast and I was fully involved”

“I ended up knowing a lot about him”

“I hope I can do it again”

Teacher’s comment: – “I was amazed to see the level of concentration  & that it was sustained. FAB, thorough, well thought-out & disciplined”

This is really encouraging because the kids seem to have got the point of the exhibition:- to question  and debate the assumptions we make about his body by looking at Lindow Man from different perspectives, using different interpretations of what happened to him. They clearly enjoyed the adversarial setting of a courtroom to debate the different theories. The ritual sacrifice argument won the day but other groups did well too. It’s enshrined within the National Curriculum that students should question and debate the nature of the evidence and not be spoon-fed. “The Verdict” seems to have succeeded on both counts.


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Interactive education at it’s best. All lessons should be taught like this.

Comment by Tim Guy

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