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Post Opening – 21st April
April 21, 2008, 9:07
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Lindow Man A Bog Body Mystery opened on Friday night, with over 500 people attending the special opening by Julian Richards. Julian fronts the Meet the Ancestors TV programme in which archaeologists and forensic scientists create a picture of someone who lived hundreds or thousands of years ago. I’ve never known so many people attend an opening event, which must be an indication of Lindow Man’s iconic status here in the North West.

I went in with the first visitors and it was fascinating to see their response to the exhibition. I’m not sure they knew what to make of it. Our comments board captured a selection of their views. Some people said it was “different”; some people liked the respectful approach; some hated the lighting; some liked the freedom of not seeing Lindow Man’s body if they didn’t want to; and one person didn’t understand why the Beano was one of the books available for visitors to browse. One visitor questioned why we’d included an interview with a Pagan (the “hippy Druid stuff”as it was referred to).

We’ll analyse all this feedback statistically throughout the year that Lindow Man is here but there’s already quite a body of information to look at. And Lindow Man himself? I’ve seen him at the British Museum and I have to say I find he has a far more powerful presence here, no doubt because we have a lot more space in which to create a context for him, where many more of his stories can be told. Standing next to his case on Friday afternoon being interviewed by BBC North West it felt quite eery. He seems to be more recognisable as a 3D human body in our case.


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Glad to hear that he has already created a stir amoungst the people of Manchester and has prompted such diverse reactions. I think its great that people have this blog as a forum for sharing their views and feelings about him and will be a regular visitor to it throughout the year he is in your safe hands….

Comment by Jim Peters

What happened?? It looks like you left Lindow Man in the timber yard at B&Q, very disappointing, I hope you do not employ this ‘designer’ again. An absolute travesty for what is billed as a relic of great significance to Manchester. And I’m sure something could be done about the lighting. C’mon guys.

Comment by John Kennedy

Probably the most disappointing exhibition I have ever seen! Cheap, tacky, uniformative, complete waste of a day going over from North Wales! Very sad to see the North of England can do no better than this – visitors from London or abroad will have their worst prejudices confirmed. Why not have a look at the ice man exhibition in North Italy – a really informative one, with artefacts. clothing and life of the times, a reconstructed face etc. It is so awful it is really quite disrespectful to the dead man – it makes a mockery of asking for views on whether/how the dead should be displayed. In my view this disgraceful exhibition should close immediately and he should be returned to London – shame on you Manchester! And finally what is this nonsence about the care bear??!

Comment by peter stevenson

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