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Collective Conversation with Cheshire Constabulary
April 13, 2008, 9:07
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One of the other priorities with the Lindow Man exhibition is the recording of what are known as Collective Conversations. These filmed conversations about things in the Manchester Museum collection allow members of the public to engage with objects and to express their opinions about them. We decided recently that rather than re-interview our Lindow Man contributors we would film conversations on a subject-by-subject basis.

With Lindow Man there is no shortage of potential conversations. At the recent report back as part of our consultation process someone suggested a Collective Conversation involving archaeologists talking about the impact Lindow Man made on the appreciation of forensic sampling in the North West. Another topic of personal interest is to gather together some of the people – then children but now grown up with children of their own no doubt – who sang the Lindow Man we want you back again song during the 1980s (think Grandad we love you and you get the idea) to see what they remember of their day in the recording studio. There’s a wonderful photo of the choir. We are still trying to put names to the faces.

And then there’s the Conversation we recorded recently with Neville Jones, retired Chief Inspector from the Cheshire Constabulary, and Mr Robert Connolly of the Department of Human Anatomy at the University of Liverpool. The two interviewees last saw each other on site over 20 years ago whilst investigating Lindow Man’s discovery!

At first the Lindow Man’s remains were thought to have been those of a woman who disappeared some years before. A head turned up on a conveyor belt at Lindow Moss in 1983. The Police investigated and the woman’s husband was convicted of her murder. But when the head was radio-carbon dated it was found to be Roman! The sensational circumstances of Lindow Man’s discovery are discussed in detail by our two interviewees and some remarkably candid statements made about the forensic evidence. I won’t spoil the surprise – best to watch the interview on You Tube when its uploaded in the not too distant future.


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[…] circumstances and when a human head was discovered  on the same conveyor belt the previous year Police arrested a local man. Although the head was shown to date from before the modern period the accused, who had confessed […]

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