Lindow Manchester

Opening Fast Approaching
April 6, 2008, 9:07
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Construction LM exhibitionThursday 3rd April

Bumped into Jane one of the design team working on the Lindow Man exhibition during my lunch break on Oxford Road and she said only half jokingly “Get back in your office and do your work!” It’s been that way over the last fortnight. Everyday brings a new deadline or a request for clarification, images or text.

Pete, the Interpretation Officer, and I have worked our way through the labels and other text and we are just about there with our stuff. One last minute addition is a label for a massive “hay knife” purchased for us by one of our peat digger interviewees. When I write “hay knife” if sounds like a bread knife or a machete. In fact it’s more like a plough or the sort of tool used by Japanese fisherman for stripping blubber from whales! The Lindow peat diggers used it for stripping frozen peat from the cuttings to get at the softer stuff underneath. Those guys must have had muscles like Popeye! Anyway we considered using it in object handling but had nightmares about people dropping it on their toes or falling over and disembowelling themselves with it. Thankfully Steve, another colleague on the design team, came through on Friday and said it will go in the display case with some peat digging tools we are borrowing from Lancashire Museums. That’s great news.  

Meanwhile the exhibition construction continues. It certainly breaks up the space in the Temporary Exhibition Gallery or TEG (see photo).


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