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Lindow Man Progress
March 31, 2008, 9:07
Filed under: Lindow Man Exhibition

Preparations for the opening of the Lindow Man exhibition, which opens to the general public on 19th April are, as you might expect,  in full swing. Over the last few weeks, working with my colleagues here at the Museum, I have been drafting text and selecting photographs for the exhibition guide, confirming objects and writing the exhibition labels. Training of our Visitor Services Assistants has begun but I still need to select the objects that are going to be used by volunteers in handling during the exhibition. Our dedicated team of volunteers will use the objects associated with this exhibition to work with the public, as they already do in the Museum as a whole.

You might assume that the exhibits consist of Iron Age or Roman objects but because of the way we have approached the exhibition, they could be as recent as a 1980s boy’s Hotspur annual or a CD of music by the Smiths! The reason for including very recent material like this is that the people we  interviewed about Lindow Man have responded in different ways.

Some people feel quite nostalgic about that time in their lives. We are actually exhibiting a child’s toy, a Care Bear, in the exhibition because it was given to one of our inteviewees about the time Lindow Man was discovered. For that particular interviewee it is intimately linked with Lindow Man. It is also a way into the exhibition and what it is about for families with young children. 

Before this exhibition I never would have guessed we might end up displaying a 2000 year old bog body with a 20th century child’s toy. We have put the Care Bear on one of our posters advertising the exhibition too, which has raised a few eyebrows. All will become clear at the exhibition opening I keep telling people. 


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