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Community Engagement & Lindow Man
March 19, 2008, 9:07
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The Lindow Man report back to the consultation group that took place a few weeks ago (16th February 2008) went well. It is fair to say it generated a great deal of interest. Our Curator of Temporary Exhibitions, Stephen Booth,  showed a model of the exhibition and a mock up of one of the  display units, complete with audio facility; our Curator of Pulbic Programmes, Anna Bunney spoke about the programme of events and activities to accompany the exhibition and I explained the process we had been through and how we got to where we are now.

We had some comments from the audience. One of them was about the exhibition coming across as an art gallery type of exhibition. That categorization of exhibition is not something we would accept, or, if we do, we would actually seek to subvert it! So we didn’t see that as a major problem. We can be a University Museum but still do something others might label as “art gallery” and we wouldn’t accept that only art galleries can do “art gallery” style exhibitions and museums “museum style” exhibitions.

We have also had emails from members of Honouring the Ancient Dead  who attended the report back thanking us for taking their comments at the initial consultation seriously. They feel the spirit of the discussion we had back in February 2007 is coming through in the Lindow Man exhibition, so that’s very encouraging, not that we are privileging any one point of view.

It is humbling to me as a Curator to think that people can be so grateful for listening to them and their concerns. That has to bode well for the future in building sustainable relationships with the contributors and other intersted parties. That democratisation of the exhibition process, which involves consultation and engagement of different audiences  is increasingly important part of the work we do here at the Manchester Museum. 


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