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Repatriation of Lindow Man
February 12, 2008, 9:07
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I was really interested to see some of the comments  coming in about the Lindow Man Blog. One of them says we shouldn’t be grateful to the British Museum for returning something on loan that rightly belongs in  the North West anyway. After all, people in the North East  feel understandably that the Lindisfarne Gospels should be there rather than in London. So why not Lindow Man? 

The issue of repatriation came up at the consultation about Lindow Man last year.  Our exhibition “Lindow Man A Bog Body Mystery”  will reflect the concern about the repatriation of Lindow Man through the voices of the people we have interviewed. Some felt very strongly that as a local discovery, an ancestor, even a neighbour, Lindow Man belongs here in the North West. That is something we feel a fair amount of sympathy for here at the Manchester Museum, though I guess we have to declare an interest (but if he was repatriated to the North West would he necessarily come to Manchester?).  

In the summer of 1984, when Lindow Man was discovered, it seemed that the British Museum was the best place for him to go – at least to the Coroner – on the grounds that he would be seen by the most people there.  A campaign was launched by Barbara O’Brien to bring him back. The Lindow Primary School choir even recorded a song Lindow Man we want you back again with Granada TV. Does anyone have a copy of the record out there I wonder? We only have a cassette. It would help us tell another part of Lindow Man’s amazing story.


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I have a copy of ‘grandad’ by clive dunn. If you are not careful I will send that to you.
The exhibition is worth a visit.

Comment by bill major

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