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Lindow Man Exhibition Publicity
February 7, 2008, 9:07
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Delighted to see a sizeable newpaper article about the Lindow Man exhibition in today’s Manchester Evening News (5th February). This follows an over-the-phone interview with reporter Paul Taylor. There is one unfortunate  error at the end of the article. Talking about the somewhat partial nature of the historical accounts of people in Britain, I commented on the ‘Mediterranean perspective’ of Greek and Roman writers. This came out as ‘Medieval’. Nevertheless, it’s great to have this level of coverage.  

I think it is really interesting that Gunther von Hagens’ ‘Body Worlds’ exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry has made the front page of the same edition of the M.E.N. following criticism by Church leaders of the display of human bodies, which they liken to a Victorian freak show.  I haven’t been to the exhibition myself but I have recently seen film of the preparation of  bodies by von Hagens. Personally I find it shocking but people respond to human remains in different ways.

I don’t know if the newspaper coverage has happened by chance or by design but it is remarkable that there are two articles about human remains in the same edition of the local newspaper. Readers will no doubt compare the two exhibitions. It would be nice if visitors came to the Manchester Museum before or after seeing Body Worlds so that they can appreciate how we have tackled the display of human remains.   I’d like to think that we are doing this in a respectful and sensitive way. Perhaps we should invite the Bishop of Manchester to see  our exhibition.


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